Roberta Brodie
Roberta in crow "Your journey never ends.  Life has a way of changing things in incredible ways."  - Alexander Volkov

Yoga seemed like some exotic exercise to this maritime transplant, but the reminders to breathe deeply and be present quieted a busy brain and introduced tools for contentment that had proved previously elusive. After several years of practice, Roberta became a Rama Lotus certified teacher in both Hatha and Yin. Roberta has just added Yoga for Round Bodies to her certifications, under the training of Tiina Veer.  She has trained locally and with renowned yogis such as Sadie Nardini, Leslie Kaminoff, Ana Forrest, Martin Kirk, Susi Hartley and Rod Stryker.

Roberta loves blending different flavours of yoga to create classes that challenge, inspire and energize.  She encourages students to explore postures, modifying on a student by student basis to ensure everyone is getting their best possible version of the pose. 

Roberta strives to encourage her students to ‘turn their can'ts into cans and their dreams into plans (Kobi Yamada).’