Yoga for: Hockey,  Runners and Golfers - Class Length:  1.25 hours

Athletes run the risk of repetitive stress injuries if they do not take special care to stretch and work their bodies to counter their main activities.  Training in a "sport specific" manner (performing specific actions over and over again with a focus on external technique) can result in muscle rigidity.  This repetitive sports training or any specific fitness conditioning results in a structurally out of shape and excessively tight body. Often flexibility is sacrificed to strength.  Yoga increases strength, flexibility and mental focus - providing a perfect complement to other sport specific training.  If you want to improve in your chosen sport, and minimize chronic injuries, let Amama Yoga design a series of sessions to target your specific needs.

Yoga for Hockey. Designed for players who want to increase their overall agility, focus and athleticism by working to improve balance, strength and flexibility.  Hockey is a tough sport, known for its speed and action-packed intensity.  Unnecessary injuries can be avoided when you introduce yoga conditioning to your current regime as working with balance and deep stretching and strengthening of the muscles and connective tissue makes the body more likely to withstand pulls/strains and ligament or tendon damage.  Key yoga postures can unlock tightness in hips, quads and shoulders, helping you put more power in each stride and shot.  Arrange your small group yoga instruction at your home or facility with our certified, insured instructors. Private lessons also available.

Yoga for Runners. The program uses yoga postures to both enhance physical performance and for injury recovery and prevention.  Sore knees, feet and hips can often plague runners - not because of running itself, but because of imbalances in the body exacerbated by the repetitive stress of running.  If you're off balance, every step you take forces the muscles to work harder in compensation.  A tight muscle is brittle, hard, and inflexible. Because muscles act as the body's natural shock absorbers, ideally they should be soft, malleable, and supple, with some give. Brittle muscles, on the other hand, cause the joints to rub and grind, making them vulnerable to tears.  By introducing a yoga program to your running routine you can improve your breathing, balance, symmetry and alignment, ensuring you many happy, pain-free years of running.

Yoga for Golfers. A thoughtfully designed program to increase the range of motion in your swing, alleviate tension in the lower back, and address tightness in the hamstrings.  Many common golf challenges such as flying elbow and sway can be addressed and alleviated with a series of yoga postures targeting the hip flexors, obliques, and spinal flexibility.  Try private lessons or sign up with a group of like minded golfers for a small group lessons and see the results in your game!


Minimum 3 participants required.  12 week session, $175/participant